Services at Donalda Motors Maffra

Mechanical Repairs & Services

The experienced team at Donalda Motors Maffra offer a large range of mechanical services from regular logbook servicing to suspension repairs, EFI repairs, clutch repairs, brake repairs and replacements and more.

Some Services include:

  • Caped price servicing
  • Wheel balancing and alignment
  • Tyre repairs and replacement
  • Brake & clutch repairs
  • Radiator repairs & service
  • Power steering repairs
  • EFI tuning
  • Steering & suspension repairs
  • Batteries for all makes and models
  • Air conditioning repairs and servicing
  • Automatic transmission repairs & servicing

Mitsubishi Capped Price Servicing

Donalda Motors Maffra is a licensed Mitsubishi dealer, because of this all vehicles come with capped price servicing. The factory trained staff are committed to delivering you peace of mind with the scheduled regular service price capped for up to 4 years.

Mitsubishi's capped price servicing program is competitively priced and offers one of Australia's best service intervals of 12 months or 15,000kms (whichever comes first). Contact the team at Donalda Motors Maffra today and ask them about their Capped Price Servicing.

Farm Machine and Equipment Servicing

Donalda Motors Maffra supports all of its farm machinery sales with in workshop or on location servicing and repairs. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the agricultural industry allowing them to offer a wide range of services to keep your machinery running the best it can. Contact the team at Donalda Motors Maffra and talk to them about what they can do for you.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Has your car stopped blowing out cold air on those hot summer days? Or is it struggling to keep you warm during winter? Bring it in to Donalda Motors Maffra to have your car's air conditioning system checked, re-gassed or repaired so that it is running perfectly again. The experienced team have the tools knowledge and equipment to carry out all diagnostics and repairs required. Contact Donalda Motors Maffra today and ask them how they can get your air conditioner running like new.

Brake and Clutch repairs

One of the most important components in your vehicle is its brake system. The brake system is responsible for slowing your vehicle down, stopping your vehicle, avoiding accidents and hazards as well as keeping your vehicle stationary when parked. The brake system is made of several components making it vital that it is checked on a regular basis to ensure you travel safely.

Another important component of your vehicle is the clutch. From time to time the clutch may need to be adjusted or replaced due to wear and tear. 

The team at Donalda Motors Maffra have the tools, knowledge and expertise to carry out all repairs, services and replacements on your brake system and clutch. Simply contact Donalda Motors Maffra today and ask them how they can help you.

Wheel alignments

Correct alignment is critical for safe vehicle handling and long tyre life. We recommend having a wheel alignment whenever new tyres are fitted to your vehicle and that a wheel alignment is repeated every six months or 10,000kms. If you are not sure how your current tyres are wearing, contact Donalda Motors Maffra today and book in for a no-obligation tyre inspection. We use the latest computerised alignment equipment and will provide a full alignment report.